[EN COURS] Arcade cabinet designs for PC hardware?

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[EN COURS] Arcade cabinet designs for PC hardware?

Message par TrevorNoah » 13 mai 2019 - 08:47

i've a fairly related query that i hope the professionals on this sub can assist me out with. i am looking to pay a person to fabricate about 10 jap-fashion arcade shelves (which I recognize is a famous layout right here). i would region the guts of a laptop inside the gadget, and have the cupboard basically run games on a windows OS.

i'd use a keyboard and mouse as an input tool as opposed to joysticks, so ideally that simplifies the layout a piece (however requires a flat area for the controls).

My question is, does anybody recognise of manufacturers, custom or inventory, that would construct/collect such arcade cabinets? alternatively, does everybody have designs for those types of cabinets? Any referrals would be incredibly useful! thank you in advance!


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